Rental information for car rental

Minimum age of the driver

The driver must be a minimum of 23 years of age. At the time of the rental, the driver must have been in possession of a valid driving license for at least 12 months.

Minimum rental period

The minimum rental period is one day.

Fines and penalties

The customer shall be solely liable for any penalties or fines resulting from violating the Greek road traffic regulations during the rental period.

Car rental

The price quoted for the rental car must be paid in full in advance.


In the event of personal injury, as a customer you are insured as follows:

In case of personal injury up to €750,000; in case of material damage up to €750,000; fire and theft up to €20,000; windscreen damage, damage to uninsured cars and legal insurance of the other vehicle, driver and owner individually up to €20,000. Coverage sum for personal injuries of the other driver/owner: in case of death, permanent full/partial disability, medical care, daily hospital stay up to €30,000.

The car insurance is only liable for damage caused by responsible handling of the vehicle. Therefore, we do not assume any responsibility for damages caused by driver fault if the driver of the insured car was under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs, in accordance with article 42 of the Greek traffic law 2696/99; if the driver does not have a corresponding driving license for the vehicle used; if a person other than the one registered in the rental contract is driving; or if the lease has expired and the vehicle has not been returned to us at the end of the rental period.

Greek traffic restrictions are not covered. The provider/insurer also does not accept any responsibility for tyre damage or damage to the bottom of the car if these have resulted from negligent or malicious behaviour, e.g. off-road driving, kerb impacts, or similar.
The rental car cannot be used:

  • To transport persons or goods for payment.
  • For towing or pulling other vehicles or objects.
  • To participate in any sort of motor racing.
  • For rent or loan to third parties.
  • To transport heavy luggage over the weight limit.
  • For the transport of hazardous substances, drugs, or substances that are harmful to the environment, or those that contravene customs regulations, traffic regulations or other legal provisions.



The customer pays the cost of the fuel used during the rental period. If the customer returns the car with less fuel in the tank than when it was picked up, they will be charged the difference.

Shipment of the rental car

Shipment is only possible with written permission from us.


The requested car model is provided according to the customer’s original reservation. In the case of unforeseen circumstances, we may be forced to provide another vehicle in exceptional cases.
All of these provisions become valid once the rental agreement has been signed.