Buying Souvenirs in Crete
Buying Souvenirs in Crete

A guide to shopping in Crete

Are you looking for a memento of your time in Crete? Maybe you want to buy gifts for people back home? Or perhaps you need a little something for the cat-sitter? In addition to its fantastic weather, stunning beaches and cultural sites, Crete offers a wide range of opportunities for shopping. From food to fashion, there is something for everyone. You can pick up trinkets and souvenirs in most of the tourist spots but a trip to the more remote areas in your rental car will help you uncover some really unique gems.

Shopping for souvenirs

In the popular tourist areas you will find many shopping streets close to the beach, lined with small, colourful shops touting general supplies and local wares. From snacks to inflatables, stylish clothes and jewellery, to local arts and crafts, there are treats to spend your holiday money on. If you’re interested in Greek mythology, you might find some exquisite replicas of antique vases or sculptures, which would create a centrepiece in any room.

Discover local specialities

By taking a tour of the island in your rental car in Crete, you can find some fantastic local produce. Whether it’s olive oil pressed directly from the tree or freshly picked figs, you’ll be overwhelmed by the intense flavours and tastes you can find in the remote villages and towns. In the small, cozy tavernas and local shops you’ll also find original Greek Ouzo and Raki, as well as a wonderful selection of regional wines. Why not take back a bottle or two with you to enjoy at home with friends, something to sip while regaling your travelling tales?

Make sure you have enough space!

Rent car in Crete has a range of more than 40 styles of vehicle, so if you need a bigger boot to fit in your souvenir shopping, we can find the right make and model to suit. You’ll find small shops to pick up souvenirs all over Crete, and the bigger towns have a great range of places to satisfy your shopping cravings. Wherever you start your visit and pick up your rental car, we can advise you on the best places to go. Contact our Customer Service team on +30 28340 51505 between 07:00a.m. and 21:00p.m. (MET) 7 days a week or email [email protected] and we’d be happy to help you with your retail therapy.

Happy shopping!

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